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Emily is determined to put her painful past in perspective of her entire life.  


She focuses on love and kindness rather than anger, sadness, and revenge.  Emily must first learn to love herself before she can share her love with others.  


A VIEW TO THE UNKNOWN is also a true romance as Emily cultivates a love from her childhood with the man who became her best friend and later her lover.  As she travels through life, she also learns to forgive.  


It's a story that will make you laugh, cry and marvel at human resilience and sheer will.  



Emily will teach you that happiness is a choice.





Book Reviews


A View To The Unknown chronicles several generations of the Mahoney Family as they go through life's changes, with quite a few surprising twists and turns. It is a hopeful story, based on the precept that love above all can influence the outcome of one's existence. The core issue, child molestation, is treated with poise and sensitivity, but the story line involves much more than that. Throw into the mix a bit of reincarnation, dreams that foretell the future, and omens waiting to be interpreted, and you get a multi-layered reading experience that keeps the pages turning. Did I mention a bit of hot sex too? Again, this aspect of the book is handled with grace and good taste, spicing up the lives of the characters in a credible fashion. What kept it interesting for me was the way the author laid a foundation for each of the characters, sometimes going back before birth, then returning over the course of the book to expand on those characters as their personal history develops. The story flows beautifully and the eventual message is clear, that Love Conquers ALL, and self-love is not necessarily bad when it leads to compassion for others. This was a great read and I highly recommend this author.


By Brenda B. on May 1, 2016







She is currently working on an anthology of short stories, Of Mice and Life.  In addition, Maribeth is working  with Edwin Sabuhoro, a 2015 CNN Hero Nominee on his autobiography.  She will ghost write it for him.

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