This gives you the idea how much fun Francios is.  He's beating his chest just as a Silverback would when in the vicinity of another Silverback group leader.

I just had to get into the act.  While visiting the gorillas, Francios taught us all a few gorilla communication noises which was fun.  While with the gorillas, the silverback male beat his chest.  Francios speculated that another group with their silverback might be close by.

Silverback in the clearing where we said goodbye to them.

Our group.  Francios eating some leaves as him mimicks a gorilla.

This is where we first met the gorillas.  This is the pregnant female.

The rangers who track down the gorillas for  the visitors.

The Silverback eating where we first met the gorillas.  Above him in the trees you can barely see the other gorilla.

The pregnant female eating.

Mother and baby soaking up some sun in the clearing.

Pregnant female.  Back in the brush you can see the dark fur of two other gorillas.

Male up close and personal.  Sorry about the slight blur.  A photographer I am not.

A very pregnant female.

How sweet is this?  A young gorilla climbs on his Mom.

This was the juvenile who ran right past me.  He was only a few feet away.  Francios called to me because the little guy was running so fast, had I been in the way, he probably would have knocked me to the ground.

The best photo of all.  The Silverback was finished posing and was about to walk toward the clearing.

What an amazing day to have been able to spend time with this majestic beings.  Gorillas share 98.4% of our DNA.  Chimpanzees and Bonobos share 98.8% and Orangutans share 96.8%.  These are our closest relatives.  We have an obligation to protect them and help them thrive.  If you chose to help monetarily, you can go to where you'll find Dian Fossey Gorilla Fund International - Official Site.