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Maribeth lives in South Carolina with her husband, Bob Bibb, miniature schnauzer,  Bailey, two sibling cats, Skeeter and Sassy, and three parrots, Jasper (African Grey), Kiwi (Black Cap Conure), and Molly (Green Cheeks Conure).


After retiring from the grocery manufacturing industry she decided to try her hand at writing. 




Her first attempt was to write a autobiography, but once finished, she felt dissatisfied and still empty.   Based on the encouragement of her best girlfriend who recognized Maribeth's writing talents, she began writing a novel with fictional characters.  The result was CRACK IN THE WORLD which was published in January 2015 by Indigo Sea Press, Kernersville, NC.


Maribeth's second novel, A VIEW TO THE UNKNOWN, also published by Indigo Sea Press, hit the market in February 2016. The story continues to follow Emily and Sean as they travel through life, learning that there is more to this world than meets the eye.


You can read the first chapter of CRACK IN THE WORLD on this website under the above tab,  "Preview" to the right of the Crack in the World tab.  


You can also read the first chapter of A VIEW TO THE UNKNOWN under the above tab, " Preview" to the right of the A View to the Unknown tab.


You can purchase both books at:
 or at (both soft copy and for Kindle).


Maribeth also writes freelance articles and short stories.  Four short stories are told on the website.  She also blogs frequently at and




Maribeth is currently working on an anthology of short stories titled, Of Mice and Life.

She's also writing her autobiography which presents quite an interesting history of accomplishments, especially given her family history of child sexual abuse of which she was a victim.

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